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Welcome to the web site for the
Group of Bioprocess and Biomedical Engineering
at the Technical University of Wroclaw.

Group of Bioprocess and Biomedical Engineering (Z-11)

led by Anna Trusek-Hołownia, PhD, DSc, Professor of Wroclaw University of Technology arose from the Group of Chemical and Biochemical Processes led over the years by Prof. Andrzej Noworyta, PhD, DSc. The Group did not change the former area of research but extended it with issues concerning the transport of drugs from carriers and modeling polymer structures for specific tasks.


For years studies conducted by researchers in Z-11 combine the knowledge of chemical engineering and industrial (white) biotechnology. The main subject of research are bioreactor processes (both microbiological and enzymatic) conducted in reactors 0.5-25 liters in volume. These bioreactors are often integrated with membrane processes. Enzymatic reactions are carried out with the use of native catalysts or preparations with a catalyst immobilized by sorption, covalent bonding or cross-linked in hydrogel.

Typical membrane processes are also carried out in Z-11 with a focus on separation of reaction mixtures, natural media from food industry or waste streams (industrial wastewater).

The aim of studies is to carry out the (bio)technological process, and then with the help of tools used in chemical engineering to prepare a mathematical description of the model characteristics in order to find the optimal range of parameters affecting the considered process.

Members of the research team have specialized for years in microwave drying, especially of biological materials. This is an alternative method of water removal which in certain cases is economically or practically justified.

Recently, scientific activity of the Group has been extended to the modeling of transport of active substances (e.g. drugs, hormones, etc.), volume immobilization of biocatalysts in hydrogels and mass transport with reaction. This will allow us to apply principles known in chemical engineering to pharmacokinetics at the drug carrier-body fluid level.


The Group offers first- and second-degree courses for students of Chemical and Process Engineering and of Biotechnology. Members of staff are managers of the following specializations: Biotechnological Processes (Prof. A. Noworyta), Chemical Process Engineering (A.Trusek-Holownia, Prof. PWr) and Chemical Process Design (A.Trusek-Holownia, Prof. PWr). The specialization Applied Chemical Engineering conducted in the English language is also offered (Manager: A.Trusek-Holownia, Prof. PWr).

Details of the new specializations are given below.

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